Tadaima: A Terrace House Podcast

39 - After the House: Yui x Aio

May 14, 2019

They came, they saw, they did stuff at Aio’s parents house. This week we discuss Yui and Aio’s exit interviews from Opening New Doors. Many a revelation was made, so batten down the hatches, gird your loins, and prepare for the epic conclusion to the saga that is Yui Tanaka and Aio Fukuda.


BIG UPS TO CostcoSubs for translating the videos linked below!!


Aio Entrance Interview:



Aio Exit Interview: https://amara.org/en/videos/2XTso2d6bvRs/info/49th-week-madayou-bitaikarazheng-zhi-mi-tsuta-zu-ye-intabiyu-fu-tian-ai-da-bian/


Yui Exit Interview:



Original music by Native (aka Jack McGinnis).


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